Local Services - Charlotte, North Carolina
Welcome to the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Christian Companion Senior Care.

Our staff and caregivers provide a high level of character and companionship for seniors in need of assistance to maintain their independent lifestyles. Feel free to contact us at any time.

If you are interested in joining the Christian Companion Senior Care team of quality caregivers, please complete an employment application.

Our company proudly partners with professional resources which responsibly assist seniors and their unique needs. In the professional resource guide, find trusted partners who may also serve additional needs.

We know how important faith is to the lives' of our clients. We offer a church resource guide which describes various senior programs at partnering churches. This guide can be used to assist seniors in their spiritual needs.

Christian Companion Senior Care - Charlotte, North Carolina
13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place Suite 500
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277