Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I know I can trust my caregiver?
A: All of our caregivers are carefully screened and undergo a background check. Each caregiver is also bonded and insured.

Q: Will your caregivers be sensitive to my faith tradition?
A: Yes! Not only will they be supportive, but they are trained to
sensitively provide spiritual encouragement only when – and if – you’re interested. We know that there is a time for everything so we're sensitive to your wishes on spiritual matters.

Q: What happens if my caregiver is sick?
A: We employ a team approach. If your caregiver gets sick, another is normally available.

Q: Do I pay the caregiver directly?
A: Christian Companion Senior Care pays the caregiver. We handle all the billing, payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for you.

Q: How does the cost of Christian Companion Senior Care compare with assisted living or nursing home care?
A: The average Christian Companion Senior Care service runs about one-third the cost of an assisted living facility and about one-fourth the cost of a nursing home.

Q: Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?
A: Yes, we provide care in these facilities to residents who require additional living assistance.

Q: How quickly can services start?
A: Generally services can be provided within a 48-hour period and often the same day.

Q: Can I change a caregiver schedule if something comes up?
A: Changes can be made with as little as a week's notice. We want to make the schedule work for your family. You come first. Your needs, your requests, your schedule. We will do everything we can to make
sure the schedule you want is the schedule you get.

Q: What if I want to change caregivers for any reason?
A: If you sense that another caregiver might be best for your particular situation, simply call your local office and let us know your concerns. We handle the details, placing your caregiver with another client and sending a new caregiver to your home. No stress, no worry.

Q: How much does this cost? Is there financial help available?
A: Contact your local Christian Companion Senior Care  for hourly rates. While Medicare does not cover this type of care, some long-term care policies do. Limited financial assistance may also be available.

Q: How do we begin?
A: Find your local office and contact them to discuss your particular needs. They will visit with you in your home about your care needs. We will then, at your direction, identify caregivers who have the skills, personality and availability to assist you. Once the schedule you want is arranged, our service for you will begin.