The Difference Faith Makes - Why Faith Works
In his book, Deadly Emotions, Don Colbert, M.D. provides a scientific understanding of the physiological influence of emotions on physical health. In a chapter entitled “Making the Choice For Health”, Dr. Colbert analyzes how faith affects the heart and other physical organs. He writes:

A seventeenth-century clock maker discovered a fascinating principle we can apply to this matter of the heart’s beating. Christian Huygens invented the pendulum clock, and with great pride he manufactured a collection of his clocks to sell. 

One day as he lay in bed, staring at his clock collection on the other side of the room, he noticed that all of the pendulums were swinging in unison, even though he knew with certainty they hadn’t started out that way.

Huygens got out of bed and restarted the pendulums, purposefully setting them at different times to break the synchronized rhythm. To his amazement, in fairly short order, the pendulums began swinging together again.

Later scientists discovered that it was the largest clock with the strongest rhythm that was pulling the other pendulums into sync with itself. They gave this phenomenon the name “entrainment,” which is apparent throughout nature.

The fact is, the strongest biological oscillator in the body is the heart. It acts in a way similar to Huygens’s clocks. The heart has the ability to pull every other bodily system into its own rhythm, whatever that may be. When the heart is at peace or filled with love, it communicates harmony to the entire body. And conversely, when toxic emotions (stress, anxiety, bitterness, fear, etc.) have triggered the heart to beat in an irregular way, to beat harder, or to beat faster, the heart communicates the very opposite of peace to the other organs of the body.

Spiritually speaking, when you experience God’s peace, the heart communicates peace to every fiber of your being. Each and every organ experiences that rest. When a person experiences God’s love and the love of other people, the heart in similar fashion communicates that love to his mind and to his entire body. When love fills your heart, your entire body takes something of an emotional plunge into healing.

The greatest Physician and Healer who ever lived, Jesus Christ, explained this phenomenon in His own terms: “It is not what goes into a man that defiles a man, but what comes out of his heart” (Matt. 15:16-18, author’s paraphrase).